Let’s create intelligent Machines

SIML is the next step in Bot technology that pushes the state-of-the-art a step further.

With SIML you will never miss anything as we have put it all under the hood for you. Developers can easily integrate Natural Language Processing into their .NET and Mono/Xamarin applications while the users can enjoy fast and intelligent conversations.

Design goals for SIML focuses on Advanced Bots, Digital Assistants and Natural Language Interface for Applications, Databases, Games and Websites.


Syn Bot Studio

Important: Bot Studio is replaced by Oryzer Studio

Note: No further updates available for Syn Bot Studio. You can continue SIML Development in Oryzer Studio.

Syn Bot Studio offers a comprehensive collection of tools to develop intelligent Bots that target desktops, mobile and web platforms. It doesn’t matter if you are creating your first Bot or not you can always leverage your skill using Bot Studio’s state-of-the-art development environment. Create intelligent and faster bots with Code Analysis, AIML to SIML converter, JavaScript Editor, Regex Tester and smooth Auto-Complete.


Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language Interpreter

More than just a specification.

Syn Bot is our official and specification compliant SIML Interpreter that runs on all major desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The interpreter can be imported to any .NET and Mono Project using NuGet..


Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C. Clarke


Optimize your Bot

Learn exactly where and how a response is generated using Stack information. Use advanced Graph information to optimize speed filtration, normalization and scripts. Load large project in seconds, create multiple bots or even combine bots of different domains using the templates feature.


Deploy as a Standalone Package

Share your project online or load your entire project into your application using a single Portable SIML Package. SIML Packages are extremely small when compared to SIML Projects. A typical 16 MB project is approximately 3MB when exported to an SIML Package. SIML Packages cannot be read by any Text-Editor.



SIML offers scripting capability as an in-built feature. Bot Studio comes with its own Script evaluator that internally uses the same Scripting Engine used by SIML Bot. Ensuring that the results are the same during run-time.


Code Analysis

Stop Repeating. Using code analysis you can finally stop repeating patterns and responses, check exactly where you’ve made mistakes and where you could improve your code. Save scripts, patterns, random responses and phrases under separate categories and reuse them when necessary.


Code Conversion

SIML > AIML. Convert your AIML code to SIML in seconds using the intelligent SIML Converter. SIML Converter can automatically correct common AIML errors before conversion including typos, usage of deprecated tags and html elements.


Power of Regular Expressions

Never miss the best of Regular Expressions using the Regular Expression Tester. Check where the Regular Expression has matched, how long it took to find a match and how it effects filtration and normalization.